Objective: Established on the 1st January 1979 for the purpose of providing financial assistance to needy Malaysian students in their pursuit of higher education, allocating funds/grants for seminars, conferences, research and other related educational purposes.


The Committee will be responsible in the disbursement of loans or some form of financial aid to needy and deserving students for their education pursuit, professional training and career development in the field related to the profession of the member institutions.


The Education Fund will be administered by the BIM Board of Management through the Education Fund Committee (EFC).


The EFC will process all applications and make recommendations to the Board which will then make the final selection and approval of the candidates/applicants.


In this regard, your Committee will have to draw up the criteria and relevant selection points which will have to be endorsed by the Exco prior to adoption.


As a guideline, selection of candidates will be based on their academic qualifications, relevance of the course and financial background of the candidate.


Repayment: As a guide, any loan granted will be repayable in eighteen (18) months by monthly installment effective six (6) months after graduation.


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