President's Message

Hello to all members

At the last AGM on 31st July 2019, I formally took up the mantle of President of Balai Ikhtisas Malaysia (BIM) from Immediately Past President Mr John Chang. A very big Thank You to all who came to support and elected the 2019-2020 New Executive Council.

The year ahead will prove to be a very challenging one as there are little encouraging signs of the economic upturn. As such, it is the best time to focus on BIM’s Resilient, Rebranding and Resurgent. Working with leaders from diverse backgrounds and professions, the aim is then to use this strength to propel BIM for the future ahead. The theme will be - Digitalisation of the Professions in line with the Government’s push of Industry 4.0.

With the recent additional strengthening of the organisation’s financial position, more activities and programs will be plan for further benefits to the members of BIM. Additional committees have been formed to make these happened. A planned PROFESTEX in June 2020 will top the year’s programs.

However, strong and continuous support from member institutes and affiliate members will make these events a huge success.

Thank you.

Ar. Abu Zarim Abu Bakar

President, Balai Ikhtisas Malaysia