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Education Fund


BIM Education Loan Scheme was established in 1st Jan 1979 and as part of its commitment to advance / promote professional career and program in the country. The association is committed to professional excellence and to be a globally recognized body to serve society. Hence, we are dedicated to the development of young professionals and to play a significant role in the advancement of the professions in the country. The education loan is provided to all deserving Malaysians who are facing financial difficulties in their pursuit of tertiary professional course in local/ foreign universities. We believe that with this small gesture the association would be able to foster greater participation from member institutions and universities in the advancement of the profession. In this way, the association strives to make known our contributions to the public through this education loan and in nurturing young needy talents.

The Education Fund is administered by the BIM Board of Management through the Education Fund Committee (EFC). There were more than 200 students who have benefited from this financial loan in the past years.


The aim is to provide some financial assistance to needy Malaysian students in their pursuit of higher education for undergraduate and postgraduate study.


The scope of the BIM education loan facility is open to eligible students pursuing studies at the first degree, master, doctorate and professional courses levels in institution of higher learning (IPT). Basically, the loan will help poor student to overcome the financial difficulties and to enable students to continue with their study in IPTs. Thus, through this scheme, it will provide some financial assistance to students in pursuing their professional studies in local or foreign institutions of higher learning.

Loan amount & Repayment

The loan sum offered to students will be based on the request and need of the student. The loan will be repayable in eighteen (18) months by monthly installment effective six (6) months after graduation. However, this will subject to approval by the BIM. The borrower is responsible for repaying the education loan which is interest free.

For full terms and conditions please refer to the application form



  1. Candidate must be Malaysian citizen.
  2. Excelled in extra-curriculum activities.
  3. Admitted to a professional undergraduate or postgraduate program located in Malaysia.
  4. Applicant to be of good character.
  5. Deserving Student who are facing financial problem.